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December 17, 2019
Meet Dr. Halim, Who Shares Her Perspective on Anti-Aging Treatments
December 17, 2019
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Customized Anti-Aging Treatment Plans According to Dr. Azza Halim

The natural changes your body goes through as you age can leave you feeling fatigued. Unfortunately, while we can’t stop time, we might be able to slow the changes our bodies go through. 

Creating customized anti-aging treatment plans and beauty solutions are a major focus of the medical practice of Azza Halim, MD, a board-certified physician/anesthesiologist. Dr. Halim has a broad and world renowned background in the field through her work with a wide range of surgeons and dermatologists. 

“I realize that one size does not fit all,” she explains. “I am a perfectionist. Even though I have worked in virtually every aspect of various treatment modalities from Botox® and fillers to lasers and non-invasive procedures, I take a balanced holistic approach in creating a customized plan to fit their needs.”

Incorporating a treatment monthly enhances cellular turnover, which slows as we age. Combining a treatment regimen with medical-grade skin care products will help maintain the health of your skin.

What we loved with Dr. Halim in our interview was her ability to be transparent with clients, “Think carefully when recommending products. It is not wise to tell clients to throw away everything they have and purchase multiple products. Prioritize their needs and begin with the most effective products you can provide. After time, add in pre-cleansers, cleansers, toners and the like. They will appreciate your honesty and return it with loyalty.”

Dr. Halim’s medical training began at Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Halim did a research fellowship in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, she then went on to do her internship in internal medicine. Dr. Halim did her residency in anesthesiology, along with subspecialty training in critical care/trauma and pediatrics at Northwestern University.

After moving to Florida, Dr. Halim joined a major healthcare group and became the National Medical Director.

As an anesthesiologist, she has worked with physicians and surgeons in virtually every specialty. She has continued to build up her expertise in other areas of medicine such as integrative medicine, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive decline therapies including hyperbaric therapy protocols. Dr. Halim is constantly researching, learning and training to remain on the cutting edge of medicine. 

She is also specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and has three trademark procedures which have been presented at Global Aesthetics Conference, Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit, AestheticEverything, and featured in Buzzfeed.

Dr. Halim is known for her keen and artistic eye when it comes to the development of each individualized treatment plan to enhance one’s appearance. She focuses on the objectives, health and needs of the patient, rather than attacking only one specific obvious problem. Her aim is to create and implement an overall plan that will enable the patient to achieve a complete lasting rejuvenation.

Original article posted on Future Sharks by SHAZIR MUCKLAI – DECEMBER 2, 2019

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