Laser Resurfacing & Radio-frequency

what is Laser Refurfacing & Radio-frequency?

A noninvasive solution to aging. Laser and radiofrequency skin treatments are non-surgical methods for improving the quality of the skin – specifically skin texture, tone and elasticity. Most people feel that these treatments are virtually painless, producing a sensation of heat, but not much else.

Is radiofrequency the same as laser?

The difference between these two procedures is primarily in the type of energy source used, which is either radio waves or lasers. While laser ablation may result in more bruising after treatment, both options are relatively painless and require minimal recovery time.

Is it okay to wash your face after RF?

Avoid washing your face with anything other than lukewarm water and gentle cleanser for 48 to 72 hours after the procedure. Avoid using makeup for at least 48 to 72 hours after the procedure.

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How long does laser resurfacing results last?

On average, patients can expect laser skin resurfacing results to last anywhere from 3-5 years from having the procedure done. It’s possible for patients to extend their results beyond five years.