A New Year, a New You!
December 31, 2019
Putting the ‘V’ Back into Valentine’s Day
February 11, 2020

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner, meaning lots of time with friends and family to celebrate age-old traditions. But just because you have aged an entire year since the last Spring Festival doesn’t mean you have to look it!

To reverse the signs of aging altogether, I tell my patients to start with the hands and work their way up. Hands are usually a huge giveaway as to how old you are. After all, even if your face is smooth, the lines on your hands tell a different story, which is why I suggest changing the narrative altogether. PDO threads can accomplish the look of smoother, younger hands in as little as one treatment. It is a fast, easy, and nearly painless procedure that will turn the clock back to help create a younger-looking you. And since the New Year is a time for celebration when people wear their most exquisite rings, bracelets, and jewels, you can know that when people are looking at your hands, it is only to admire your fabulous jewelry.

Another easy pick-me-up that will leave everyone wondering, “How does she stay so young looking,” is jaw contouring. In a matter of just 20 minutes, you can go from double chin to lean and chiseled, leaving you with a younger, more slender profile. The results are both subtle and significant.

So whether you are celebrating Chinese New Year, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Seollal, or Tibetan Losar, you can start the new moon with your best face forward. This year is the Year of the Rat, and as a physician in Boca Raton (which translates to the Rat’s Mouth), I wish you all health, wealth and happiness in the new year!

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