Customized Anti-Aging Treatment Plans According to Dr. Azza Halim
December 17, 2019
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December 23, 2019
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Meet Dr. Halim, Who Shares Her Perspective on Anti-Aging Treatments

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Many clients who consult a skin care professional are seeking ways to address their anti-aging concerns.

The majority of photodamage—the primary cause of aging skin—is already present by the time a person reaches 18, due to extrinsic aging caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure; atmospheric pollutants, including nicotine, sulfur and carbon dioxide; and acid rain.

There is no single perfect treatment, procedure or ingredient that will meet every person’s needs, although there are some universal basics to ensure healthy skin. Individuals need an appropriate treatment plan based on their own situation and lifestyle—a needs-based assessment, and resulting protocol, through in-spa and home care. Selecting a plan is no longer as simple as determining if the skin is dry, oily or combination, and if the client experiences fine lines or wrinkles.

We had a chance to speak with Dr. Azza Halim, who is a board-certified anesthesiologist and multi-speciality trained in aesthetic medicine to get her perspective on anti-aging treatment plans.

Dr. Halim says, the human skin is exposed to a variety of potentially damaging factors. Additionally, it was only recently that people began to understand the harm they caused their own skin. Even walking to and from homes and offices, in and out of stores and sitting in cars can lead to skin damage. No one is immune.

Skin damage is primarily visible as discolor­ation, pigmentation, actinic keratosis, fine lines and wrinkles. These symptoms develop at an individually defined age, depending on the client’s skin type. Everyone ages in a pattern and at a rate that is distinct. Historically, skin care professionals have looked to the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classifi­cation system, as well as clients’ health, heredity, lifestyle and sun exposure for clues about how to determine treatment regimens.

That being said, Dr. Halim creates customized anti-aging treatment plans and beauty solutions, which are a major focus of the medical practice of Azza Halim, MD.

“I realize that one size does not fit all,” she explains. “I am a perfectionist. Even though I have worked in virtually every aspect of various treatment modalities from Botox® and fillers to lasers and non-invasive procedures, I take a balanced holistic approach in creating a customized plan to fit their needs.”

It is important that your skin care line has treatments that are appropriate for the different classifi­cations of your skin levels. An anti-aging product line must enhance and deliver results without causing damage or discomfort; it’s the professional and ethical thing to do.

It is entirely possible that we have the potential to turn back the clock for clients, but to do so, the client and the skin care professional must work as a team. Committed treatment can correct the skin to its best ability if the plan is closely followed and adjusted when necessary. 

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