Master Injector

Dr. Azza Halim can truly be called a master injector with years of clinical and surgical experience in the field of Aesthetics. With her practical and real world understanding of facial anatomy and physiology, from over a decade in the operating room, she is able to achieve masterful results using the safest and most effective ways of using Neuromodulators like Botox, and a variety of fillers and collagen inducing injections like Sculptra and PRP.

Her keen eye and artistic approach giver her clients a natural youthful appearance without the harsh ‘fake’ look many people want to avoid.

Dr. Azza is the Clinical Director for Empire Medical Training and have trained thousands of practitioners on the best and safest ways to inject and how to properly evaluate the patient. She is highly sought out by national and international training and aesthetic programs, and is a guest speaker at many events and international platforms. She is a gifted teacher and educator and works hard to make sure everyone in attendance in her classes and presentations leaves with cutting edge information along with the safety pearls from her years of experience and teaching.

Laser Expert

Lasers have been in the aesthetic and dermatology industry for decades, and devices and modalities are constantly changing and evolving making it hard to keep up with what works and what doesn’t, and what’s the newest and best. So how do you stay ahead of the curve in this fast paced market? By being an industry expert and one of the first practices in the nation to try out a new device as soon as it hits the market!

Dr. Azza is part of Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton, FL., one of the largest and most respected med spas in the country. They are one of the most established med spas in the nation and have over 30 laser devices from body shaping and skin resurfacing to tattoo and hair removal. They have lasers that treat Vitiligo and Keloids and a surgical center that performs face lifts and reconstructive surgery by top Plastic Surgeons.

Her understanding and proficiency in laser devices has made her an expert in treating patients of all age groups and skin colors, with skin issues and pigmentation problems that other doctor’s could not clear and has given up on.

Her accomplishments in this field makes her highly sought out by laser companies, and she has had the pleasure to work with several national laser companies on their panel of experts and as a part of their clinical and practical research team.

PDO Threads

PDO Threads are a relatively newer treatment for lifting and supporting sagging skin in the face and body. They are Polydiaxonone sutures that use small barbs or cogs that gently embed itself in the skin to lift and anchor. More and more companies are entering this market with groundbreaking technologies and methods and Dr. Azza has partnered with a leading manufacturer from South Korea to design a custom thread method for a long lasting lift that is safer for the patient and easier for the practitioner, with amazing results never before seen with traditional threads.

Her PDO thread training classes are highly sought after and her knowledge and expertise in this growing field is next to none. Her accomplishments in using threads to treat acne scars, to lift saggy hands and neck, and treat cellulite as well as grow hair is far ahead of average industry norms, and is highly sought out by her colleagues and other experts. She is happy to announce the launch of her trademark protocol for the treatment difficult areas and heavy areas.

With her unparallel knowledge of injectables, lasers, PDO threads and regenerative injectable like PRP, exosomes and amnio allograft, she has combined this knowledge into creating combination treatment protocols, with a well-rounded approach to treating the patient as a whole and not just a wrinkle.


Carboxy is the art of using carbon dioxide gas to bring healthy blood cells and nutrients to different areas of the face and body to regenerate, heal and grow healthy tissue. Dr. Azza’s trademark combination treatment using carboxy and lasers, injectables and threads, can now safely treat dark under eye circles and bags, saggy jowls and necks, rejuvenate their hands and treat stubborn cellulite. Many issues that patients have complained about, we’re getting little to mediocre results, but with Dr. Azza’s new combination treatment protocols, these indications are now seeing terrific improvement and patient satisfaction.

Trademarked Protocols

Dr. Azza’s trademarked protocols combines the effectiveness of Carboxy therapy, lasers, PDO threads and PRP for a total rejuvenation effect. Call today for more information.